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Building a Custom Home can be a really exciting adventure. Even if everything is running smoothly there are certain things that if not done properly can be a pain to do after the home building project is done.

This article provides a list of 14 essential things that you need to consider before or during your dream home building project. You are not required to have every single thing mentioned in this article. However, the article will provide you with a list that you can use to determine what will be necessary for your custom home and what will not.

Features Not To Forget For Your New Custom Home

  • Electrical Outlets
  • The Garage
  • Heated Flooring
  • Mudroom
  • Extra Wiring
  • Wiring and Storage For Backup Generator
  • Backwater Valves
  • Embedded Safe
  • Closet Organization
  • Shower Room
  • Outdoor Upgrades
  • Kitchen
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • The Bedroom
Electrical Outlets

1. Electrical Outlets

We live in a world of technology. Every house has several electronic gadgets; televisions, computers, laptops, phones, electrical cookers, among many others. The use of electrical gadgets at home brings about the necessity of several electrical outlets in a home. Therefore, one of the things that a person should not forget when building a custom home is the installation of several electrical outlets.

More electrical outlets can be built in areas near the beds, on walls of the entertainment room, at the fireplace mantle, on the kitchen walls, under apartment windows, in the shower rooms, the car garage and even outdoors, when necessary.

The Garage - Custom Home

 2. The Garage

You can consider building a heated and insulated garage at your custom home. It is true that the heat and insulation systems installed at the garages won’t provide the normal room temperatures. However, they can provide just conducive and comfortable temperatures in the garage.

This would be very ideal for your vehicles, especially during the cold winter seasons. Heating and insulation of the garage can also ensure that you have a conducive working environment, whenever you need to work at the garage during the winter. The other positive thing about heating and insulating garages is that it helps to prevent pipes in the garage from freezing during winter conditions.

Another thing you can consider including in your garage is a hot water faucet alongside a cold water faucet. You can also consider building a floor drain. A floor drain has two advantages in that; it ensures easier cleaning of the garage flooring and also ensures that the runoff water used for cleaning of the vehicles is drained well. Furthermore, in cases of too much flooding, garage floor drains are essential in protecting the garage from flooding.

3. Heated Flooring

Heated flooring installations are a popular thing in most of the European states. This is something that you could consider installing in your new custom home. Heated flooring helps to raise temperatures of a house to optimum, especially during the cold winter mornings and nights.

It is important that you remember to install heated flooring during the custom home building project. This is because installing heated flooring after you’ve already built your custom home would not be that easy a task. It would be both costly and inconveniencing, as compared to if you installed the heated flooring when you were building the custom home. 

4. Mudroom

A mudroom is a small casual room, used for storing footwear, jackets, other outwear, outdoor gears, indoor gears and also wet clothing. It is mostly located at the entryways of a house. Including such a room in your custom home will help to keep the general house cleaner. Mudrooms also help to keep out the harsh cold and hot weather. To enhance the mudroom, you can build a sink there as well.

5. Extra Wiring

When building a custom home, installing extra wiring systems would be a very wise move. The extra wiring is done before the installation of the drywall. Such extra wiring is essential since it helps prevent any future wiring replacement when trying to accommodate for things such as running speakers and electrical wirings.

6. Wiring And Storage For A Backup Generator

A custom home would benefit from having a backup generator, for when the electricity fails. Even if you, yet, don’t own a generator, you still need to consider installing generator wiring and storage for your custom home. The storage for the generator can include a built concrete slab, where the generator will be placed. Including such wiring and storage systems will ensure that you don’t go through the stress of redoing your house structure to accommodate generator wiring in the future.

7. Backwater Valves

When installing plumbing systems in your custom home, it is important that you include backwater valves in the pipes. These valves prevent any sewerage passing through the pumping systems from flowing back to the basements. Installing backwater valves during the construction of a custom task is easy. However, installing the valves after the custom house has been built is a destructive activity. That is why it is highly recommended that you install backwater valves on pipes when building a custom home.

8. Embedded Safe

Each person has their possessions of valuables, be it jewelry, cash, documents, among others. Most safes are designed as being stand-alone and can, therefore, be stolen very easily. Since you have the opportunity to design your custom home to your liking, you can consider building embedded safes in the concrete walls.

Safes embedded on concrete walls have many advantages. For instance, concrete walls are fireproof, hence, such safes are kept well secured and safe from fires and fire hazards. More so, embedded safes can be easily hidden using just simple coverings on the walls.

Closet Organization

9. Closet Organization

Custom homes offer a wide range of upgrade options that can be done for closets. For instance, you can include more outlets for the closets. You can design larger and wider closets that can accommodate all single and double-hung rods. Also, install motion sensors for closet lights.

In the washing rooms, you can build large cupboards where cleaning powders and soaps can be kept, hidden from sight. 

10. The Shower Room

One thing you need to remember when designing your custom home bathroom is installing outlets for both upper and lower cabinets. Such outlets will ensure drier bathroom cabinets. You can also add heated towel racks in the bathroom.

You can also be creative as to turn the bathroom pony walls into storage. You should avoid caulking of toilet bottoms to specific tile which has higher chances for leaking.

11. Outdoor Upgrades

You can opt to install conduits under the driveway. This can be done to accommodate for any wiring and plumping installations that will be done in the future. Also, ensure that you have installed electric hose outlets at every corner of the house.

The outdoors should consist of both hot and cold water sources, ideal for washing pets. The outdoor lights can also be installed with pre-wired motion sensors.

Custom Home Kitchen

12. Kitchen

Electrical outlets should be added in the kitchen pantries to facilitate the charging of gadgets as well as accommodate electronic kitchen gadgets, such as fridges and electric cookers. 

Kitchen cabinets should also be designed in areas that are not frequently accessed. Such cabinets can be used to store those items that are not frequently used.

The dining room can also include several warming drawers and towel holders. The towel holders could have their own storage drawer slots. Drawers for knives would also be wise inclusions for the kitchen. The best location for drawers would be on the lower cabinets. Such locations of drawers ensure that the available kitchen space is used efficiently.

You can also design pull-out garbage bags for throwing dirty dishes and towels. Sinks built in the kitchen can include both hand soap pumps and dish soap pumps.

13. Electrical And Lighting

 When installing the security systems and cameras in your custom home, it is best that you ensure they are pre-wired. The residential roofing system of your custom home should also be designed to accommodate for the future solar system.

20z circuits should also be separated for TV and any A/V equipment. Lighting systems are best installed in the attic. Consider installing lighting which consists of three-way types of switches.

14. The Bedroom

You can consider adding units for carbon monoxide on the walls of the bedroom. The bedrooms would also do well to include master switches which can control the home’s exterior light. And, especially in the master bedroom, you could include a master switch that can turn off or turn all the exterior lighting sources of the entire home.

You can also install head switches for bedrooms, such that people can turn off lights even while on the bed.


It is, indeed, really important that you consider the above-mentioned things when building your dream custom home. Let your custom home give you, not just an experience like other homes, but the most special experience that no other home ever would!