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When designing your custom home, sometimes the thought of having a secret room comes up.  It’s a pretty fun project since you’re designing something that most people may never see.  The key is to design a secret pathway to another room, staircase or hall that is hidden to the ordinary observer.  

The most obvious secret room, at least in movies usually involves a bookcase that when pushed or slid to the side reveals a secret room, stairs or hallway.

Secret Rooms In Your Custom Home

When you talk about doors in your new custom home, you’re usually not talking about secret rooms. You’re usually talking about various colors for rooms, what materials are being used, and the fixtures.  While doors typically complement the rest of the interior or add character, they’re also a clear as day invitation to other parts of the house.

In the rather funny movie Young Frankenstein, the grandson of the famed Victor Frankenstein, Frederick inherits the family Transylvania property. Inspecting it with Inga, he haphazardly discovers the entrance to the secret laboratory, when Inga removes a candle from it’s resting place. 

During one of the Indiana Jones movies, Mr. Jones finds himself in the Brunwald castle and inadvertently discovers a revolving fireplace.

Both scenes are rather funny as both Indiana and Victor find themselves spinning around.

While these secret doors made for laughter, secret doors can certainly make a house much more interesting and if desired, make for some nifty places to hide or keep hidden from others.

Some of the more interesting secret doors involve hidden wine cellars.  In the video below a person made a secret entrance to their wine cellar from their kitchen island.  By sliding the island table top forward and opening up the front of the island, a secret stairway was revealed leading down to a wine cellar.