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About a Month ago we were tasked with building a new Facade on an existing Kiosk at the Nationals Park Stadium for Devils Backbone Brewing Company. Since the baseball park is 3 hours away in Washington DC from our home base in Nelson County, we decided it would be a good idea to prefabricate as much material back in Nelson County and then trucked it up there for a 2 day build out.

Kiosk Tectonics 2 Devils Backbone Brewing Company 2

The Kiosk was in the 300 section (3rd deck) and it was quite the work out to move materials from the service garage under the park to its final location.

Kiosk Tectonics 2 Devils Backbone Brewing Company 3

We had the base brackets made at our local Quality Welding shop with custom 6″ anchors attached to the bottoms. The brackets allowed us to drill into the concrete deck, fill the hole with high strength epoxy and set the brackets in place. This combination will provide all the upload protection needed for this kiosk.

Kiosk Tectonics 2 Devils Backbone Brewing Company

What you can’t see is the existing metal frame of the originally Kiosk that is strategically hidden behind the new timbers.

With the Kiosk complete, beer will surely be flowing during games and events.