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Tectonics 2 is a firm that specializes in Custom Home Building as well as Remodeling. We deal with both residential homes and commercial properties. Our main goal is to create for our clients home environments that are not only sustainable but also luxurious and comfortable to live in. In other words, we can say that; at Tectonics 2, we make your dreams come true. 


The Tectonics 2 firm holds to the opinion that in order to provide the best experience to customers, they must be well informed about the custom home building process. Due to this, we have decided to include a section that discusses the questions that are frequently asked by our customers. After all, each question deserves an answer. Read along to get the answer to that question that you’ve been having.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a regular/standard home and a custom home?

The contrast between regular homes and custom homes is brought about by three main aspects;

  • The number of options available
  • Level of details included
  • The quality of the materials used.

For the regular homes, up to three options, of the average quality stone material for the kitchen counter, are available. On the contrary, custom homes offer all available options. 

Also, not all ideas and designs can be incorporated in regular homes; these homes limit a person from including certain details. However, custom homes allow for customization. Any idea or design, charm, passageways, all that, can be included in a custom home. This aspect of custom homes is what gives it added advantage over regular/standard homes.

Is it more expensive to build a custom home?

Building a custom home doesn’t have to be more expensive. Your custom home preferences and choices are what will determine if building a custom home becomes more expensive. Tectonics 2 can help you choose less expensive but high-quality finishes and materials. These will help to reduce the expenses incurred when building custom homes. 


Frankly, this is a tough question to answer. It is quite difficult to determine the time duration that building a custom home will take. There are several factors that when in play, can affect the construction process and influence the set construction timeline. These factors include weather conditions, availability of human resources, changes in customer preferences, the topography of the land, availability of construction materials, among others.

The other reason as to why custom home building takes such a while is that other activities, which take up more time, have to be included in the timeline. These activities included in the timeline are; designing processes, getting permits, planning and the construction process. More so, note that the size of the home will also determine how long the building process takes. However, considering all those possible factors, the building of custom homes takes approximately one year to two years, to fully complete. At Tectonics 2, we always try our best to compensate for any issues that arise during the construction process.


This question ranks top among the frequently asked questions. The answer is; there’s actually no specific set price per square foot at Tectonics 2. This is because there are so many factors that come at play when building custom homes. These factors include set timelines and materials used. They serve to affect the overall building costs of the custom homes.

Custom Homes Price Per Square Foot

So, what happens at Tectonics 2 is that; we work with you from the very start. We try to understand your lifestyle preferences, determine what your budget is, and see how we can achieve your desired features in your custom home, working within your budget. This is made possible by our experienced professional team, who carry out value engineering processes to determine how to maximize desired features while minimizing incurred costs. Therefore, we always provide good custom homes at all budget levels. 

What is involved in building a custom home?

The process of building a custom home involves four main processes, as highlighted below;

  • Pre-building – This is the very first stage of custom home building. We, as Tectonics 2, get to know you, your lifestyle, hobbies and the like. We also talk with you about your desires and your budget goals. This initial process is what helps us to come up with the best home design for you.
  • Design, Schedule, and Budget – This process involves creating a custom home design for you. When you approve the design, then a final budget and timeline are established.
  • Site Analysis – Tectonics 2 does site analysis on your lot, so as to determine what the area has to offer. We do analysis for zoning, soil analysis and permitting, to name just a few. We also look into aspects such as your custom home’s lighting, pollution levels in the environment, noise and the privacy available.
  • Construction – This is the last process. It starts immediately after your plans have been approved by you and the zoning offices. We then work with you to determine the materials to use and other details you wish to include.

When these four processes are complete, you can now move into your dream home and enjoy living there.


Generally, the term ‘value engineering’ refers to the process of improving the value of commodities (goods and services). When used in the field of custom home building, value engineering refers to the process of lowering the overall costs of a custom home building project. These costs are lowered, at the same time maintaining the custom home features that the clients prefer.

At Tectonics 2 custom home building, we have enough experience in value engineering. We offer practical advice to our clients when it comes to value engineering of custom homes. The advice given may include suggestions such as changing the custom home’s floor plans, use of different materials in particular areas, among other suggestions. Value engineering is, therefore, what makes it very important for you to choose your custom home builder before you start the designing process. When the custom home builders are involved from the very start, value engineering becomes simpler.


At Tectonics 2, we accommodate any outside interior designer or architects that you may bring with you. However, as a custom home building firm, we offer consultations and guidance for choosing good interior designers. We have worked with several interior designers and architectures, hence, we are well-versed with these specialists. Therefore, if you do not have any preference, we can recommend some of the best interior designers and architects, that will meet your exact design criteria.

What is the best area to buy land and build on?

To answer that question, we go back to you. What type of home do you want? What do you want out of your custom home? Your decision can be influenced by the availability of things such as schools, good infrastructure, shops and the type of neighborhood that you prefer. It is, however, important that you ensure essential utilities, such as proper security, sewerage system, electricity, and water amenities, are available wherever you want to build. 

If you own a plot of land, then Tectonics 2 will be glad to work with you on your property. If you are searching for a land to buy and build, we have a vast knowledge of good local Realtors, whom we can recommend to you. We also keep an inventory of good areas where one can build. Before you can decide on which area to buy land and build, our team will discuss with you and consider all these factors.

How big of a home can I build on my lot?

How big of a custom home you build will be determined by the local bylaws put in place. For instance, there are those bylaws that dictate that your home should cover at most 27-35% of the total lot size. Tectonics 2 saves you the effort of looking into the bylaws that apply in the area that you wish to build. We do that for you and help in the determining of the maximum square footage that your lot can accommodate. We then work with you to maximize the space and provide the best custom home layout.

Can I visit the job site while my home is being built?

Sure, you can! We actually recommend you to do that. Tectonics 2 custom home building firm is all about working with its clients to produce the best outcomes. Therefore, when you visit the job site, you’ll be working with us and helping us achieve our goal; to provide you with the best home experience. Visiting the job site is especially important, because, you will be noting the progress. 

Furthermore, you can identify any changes that you would like made or any mistakes made. In cases where you prefer certain changes, you will be informed whether these changes are possible or not. If possible, the good thing is that they will be made early in advance, before it’s too late. Note that, making changes during construction can have an effect on the overall calculated costs. However, you are advised to contact us before visiting the site, for security and precaution reasons. 

What kind of financing is required for BUILDING CUSTOM HOMES?

The most recommended financing for building custom homes is the construction loan. Tectonics 2 has experience with several construction loan lenders. Therefore, we can provide you with information about the available lenders, if you decide to take up a construction loan. 

Do I need a home owner’s insurance policy when building a home?

Yes, when building a custom home, you will be required to have a home owner’s insurance policy. You can consider talking with your agent so that you get the best home coverage.

What happens when the construction process completes?

The closing of a new custom home can be compared to the process of closing a real estate deal. The title of the custom home is now fully handed from Tectonics 2 to the buyer. Normally, there are a bunch of forms both Tectonics 2 and the client will sign prior to the construction process start. The client will then sign the note, mortgage, and any other required documentation. In turn, Tectonics 2 will sign the title deed and deliver it to the client. This will convey full ownership of the custom home, by the client. 

Can I use my own contacts to supply materials and/or labor during the build process?

At Tectonics 2, we don’t reject your use of own contacts for supplying materials and labor during the construction process. However, we highly recommend that a client allows us to choose such contacts. Why is that so? We have worked with several sub-contractors for supplying materials and labor. Therefore, we know which firms provide the best quality services and materials. When you allow us to use our vendors and sub-contractors, you are guaranteed to having the best custom home, within your budget goal.

If building material costs increase after work has begun, how does that affect my project?

When such happens, you do not need to worry. You won’t be affected in any way. Once you’ve signed a contract with Tectonics 2, the price will remain fixed and we will ensure that our subcontractors meet their end of the bargain, as dictated in the contract.

With that said, custom home projects always have modifications in materials based on customer requests, so prices may fluctuate depending on when the changes are made.

Do you use energy-efficient home building techniques?

Yes. All our custom homes have been built using energy-efficient techniques. We make use of air sealing techniques. We, also, ensure that the appliances we include in the custom homes are also highly energy efficient. In order to prove just how efficient custom homes are, we always test them with third parties.

Our motto is “We were Green before Green was cool”.

What are your firm’s experience and qualifications?

Tectonics 2 is a very qualified and well-known custom home building firm. Our team is composed of certified staff members. Each person working in the firm holds certificates and degrees, from their fields of study. Our staff members are not just certified, but also have experience gained from years of working in the custom home building industry. We wish to provide the best home experiences, so we only hire the best of the experts. Our team has both the expertise knowledge and experience, which will ensure the best provision of services. You can look into our portfolio to see every past work that we’ve done. 


If you have more questions or any other concerns that you wish addressed, please free to contact us or enter the contact information provided below. You can even call our offices and request an appointment. We would be happy to talk with you one on one, about our most specialized field; custom home building. Or rather, if you prefer, we can visit you at your Homesite and discuss the available options with you. Give us the opportunity to work with you, and you can trust that we will never disappoint!

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