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You’re in the market for a new home and the obvious question will probably be how to choose the right home builder.  Lucky for you we have some great tips on what you should be looking for when choosing a home builder for your next building project.  


Here at Tectonics 2 we hope you choose us, but we know there are plenty of qualified builders out there who can also build great homes.

We have compiled a list of things you may want to factor in when purchasing a new home.

Do You Need A Custom Home

The first and most obvious question that should be answered is do you really need a custom home built or would purchasing an existing home be a better option.  In most cases building a custom home will allow you to build your dream house, but it will come at a cost in both price and time.

In general, building a custom home always comes with hidden costs that usually aren’t factored in until the house is actually built.  As a rule of thumb custom homes rarely come in on budget.  Usually this isn’t due to the builder, but rather due to changes made by the customer during the building process.  More often than nought changes in building materials and fixtures are the main reason for cost increases.

With an existing home, the sales price is the price you pay.  Normally once the house has been purchased you can move right in.  No having to wait for things to be done.  The downside of buying an existing home of course is it might not meet all your expectations, which could then turn into a whole host of costly custom home projects.

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What Builder Should I Choose

For those that have settled in on getting a home built, creating a list of potential builders should be of high importance.

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Research Your List Of Custom Builders

Once you have a good list compiled of possible custom home builder candidates, ask lots of questions.

  • Setup interviews with the prospective builders
  • Visit the homes that were built and observe the quality of the homes.  Are they visually appealing?  Would you want to live in a home that is similar?
  • If possible contact recent owners and ask if they were happy with the way their home was built.  By driving by on the weekends you may catch one of the owners doing yard work.
  • Take notes for later comparisons
  • Read reviews of each homebuilder on sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Houzz.

Learn To Talk Shop

Take builder home tours to help educate yourself on the latest trends and designs.  Model homes are a great way to get ideas of how to best utilize space and what may or may not work in your home.  Look at the craftsmanship of the cabinetry, doors, walkways, trim work and walls.  One neat trick is to bring a marble and see if the floors are level.  If the marble rolls to one side, you know there might be a foundation problem.

Speaking of foundation, see how the builders utilize nature when building houses.  Did they just tear everything down or did they build homes incorporating some of the surroundings. 

Write up a list of materials that you want to incorporate and learn what a reasonable price is for each based on square footage.  See if any of the materials you want are being used and if not ask why certain materials were chosen over others.

If you have questions we would be happy to help, so please contact us.