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You might be wondering why Tectonics II chooses Lindal Cedar Homes to be their main custom home designer.  Simply put Lindal creates living spaces that are spectacular both inside and out.

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The process of creating a custom built Lindal Cedar Home always comes down to the client’s needs and desires.  From warm natural quality materials to Lindal’s post-­and­-beam building system and its ability to respond to virtually every site and every homeowner’s vision.  

So how does the process work?  Great question.

Building a custom home boils down to 5 main areas including

Planning Phase

The planning phase is really the point where you decide if building a custom home is your best option.  You should weigh the pros and cons of building a custom home vs buying an existing home. 

If you do decide to go forward with building a custom home, you will want do more research on where the home should be built and what you’re willing to pay for the land to build it on.  In many areas, the land is actually more valuable and cost more than whatever house will be built there.  

If the land is in an isolated area, you will need to research costs associated with getting water, power and electric supplies there.  Talking to city officials about building permits and what might or might not be required can really help speed the building process once started.  

Be on the lookout for things that might cause a bump in your building budget such as tree removal, bedrock issues, needing to dig for utilities and so on.  

Research And Choose A Qualified Builder

Once you have done your background homework on the planning side, it will be time to research and choose a qualified builder.  Hopefully since you are reading this, you have chosen Tectonics II as your custom home builder, but YOU SHOULD ALWAYS do your do-diligence and always perform research on building contractors and fact we want you to.  During this time if you have questions, please give us a shout and we will be happy to talk to you.


Lindal Cedar Homes Floor Plans

Your custom built home should reflect your personal tastes on styling, home design and floor plan selection.  The reason we are so passionate about Lindal is due to their post and beam and Lindal log building systems.  It’s an incredibly efficient way to quickly plan out a new home design, saving both time and money.  Lindal has a vast array of quality materials to choose from and can quickly swap them based on customer preferences.  

During the design phase you will work with a Lindal representative to help you match your needs to their floor plans.

Lindal offers both Basic and Extended options when designing the home including both non-structural and structural changes.  Obviously the more customization that is done to the original floor plan, will almost always increase the overall design costs.  That said, certain changes might actually save money in material and labor costs over the original designs.

Costs for Lindal Designs start at $1 per square foot, but can go higher depending on if the home design deviates from the original footprint of existing home design plans.   

When designing your home Lindal offers 3 different levels + a custom design level.  Level one is the most economical and prices go up as you customize your home.

  • Level One: Basic design services to a standard floor plan. Choose from a wide range of affordable non-structural changes.
  • Level Two: Add a basement, garage, or a deck, or make modifications to open up interior spaces. Most people choose this design level.
  • Level Three: Add that dream kitchen, master suite or additional wing. Change wall heights and window configurations.
  • Custom Design: Design a unique home from scratch with Lindal’s designers and your Lindal dealer. Or start with an architect’s rendering for a one-of-a-kind home.

Production & Financing  

When thinking about production and financing your new home, you need to be cognizant of both how long the building project will take to complete and how much money is in your budget.

There are three important factors to consider when budgeting for your new Lindal home:

  1. Site Selection: Where do you plan to build?  It costs more to build on an undeveloped steep hillside lot than on a flat suburban lot with all of the services (city power, water & sewer) in place. Also, the city and state or province where your build site is located can greatly affect the price. Variations that affect price include exposure category, seismic activity, building codes, etc.
  2. Design Complexity: How complex is your home design? A rectangular floor plan with a simple layout is far more affordable than a complex, multi-level (or multi-winged) residence.
  3. Interior Options: Standard or High-End Finishes? The choice of floor coverings, cabinets, bath and kitchen fixtures, and lighting dramatically impacts the price of the finished home.

A key factor that plays a vital role in the building of a custom home is obtaining a construction loan amount that is adequate for the job.  Getting a loan that isn’t enough will create delays and potentially ruin the building process.  It’s much better to apply for a loan that is more than you need should extra costs be incurred during the building project.

Once your loan has been accepted and approved, in order to keep costs from skyrocketing and going over budget, try to keep doing the following.

  • Don’t Make Expensive Changes –  Once the construction has begun, making what might be considered minor changes can can actually slow the whole building process down and increase the potential chance of going over budget.   
  • Have Cash Reserves Ready – In general bank loans for construction are paid in draws rather than in one lump sum.  The loans are usually broken out into four to ten draws based on building phases.  Once a phase is complete, the bank loans money for the next phase.  More often than naught you will need startup funds to pay for the initial project and then pay with the loan money after each phase.   
  • Use A Permanent-to-Construction Loan (or convertible loan) – These types of loans help eliminate additional closing costs that you may incur once the custom home project is complete.  It essence it combines the construction loan with a long term mortgage.  

Delivery & Construction

Now that most of the hard stuff is out of the way, Delivery and Construction can begin.  Here at Tectonics II we have been working with Lindal Cedar Homes for decades and have developed a fantastic partnership.  We know exactly what to expect and have built just about everything imaginable from Lindal’s Level One designs to complete custom builds.

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Given Lindal’s eye for detail in the floor plans, construction of the home is almost like putting Legos together.  OK maybe that is an over simplification, but needless to say the custom home building projects go up much easier since the materials have already been spect out and ship to the building site.  

So please contact us for your next custom home project.  We are ready and willing to do what it takes.