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When buying a new home, having easy access to tools can help you keep maintenance costs down.  We have included 20 of the most commonly used tools every new home owner should own.  All these tools can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon or and many other hardware locations.

20 Tools Every New Home Owner Should Own

  1. Cordless Drill and Drill Bits
  2. Screw Driver Set
  3. Pliers
  4. Hex Wrenches
  5. Hammers & Mallets
  6. Adjustable Wrench and Ratchet Wrenches
  7. Socket Set
  8. Level
  9. Putty Knife
  10. Extension Cord
  11. Hacksaw
  12. Tape Measure
  13. Stud Finder
  14. Utility Knife
  15. Step Ladder
  16. Safety Gloves and Glasses
  17. Plunger
  18. Broom
  19. Tape (Duck Tape)
  20. Flashlight
  21. Tool box or Wall Mount For Tools

Cordless Drill and Drill Bits

Today Battery-Operated drills are powerful, last a long time and can tackle just about any drilling situation.  There are 2 main types of cordless drills including Impact and Driver.  Of the two, Driver drills are the most prevalent and are in most cases, all that most home owners need to do basic maintenance.  Impact drills uses both bit rotation like a typical driver drill would and concussive blows to power-drive screws through material.  

The best battery operated drills on the market today are powered by lithium batteries, that not only gives them great power, but also keeps a battery charge for a very long time.

Most of the drills come in either 12 or 18 volt.  For most home maintenance 12 volt is plenty. 

We recommend the lithium drills and bits by Bosch.  The Bosch drills are fantastic, with easy operation and excellent battery life. 

Purchase the Bosch Lithium Drill and Bosch Drill Bits.

Bosch Lithium Drill

Screwdriver Set

Screw Drivers come in various forms including electric, ratchet screwdriver sets with multiple heads, permanent Phillips tipped,  flathead, hex and torque screwdrivers.   

We have found having both a ratchet and electric screwdriver set is usually the most beneficial.  Stanley makes an excellent ratchet screwdriver.

Purchase the Stanley FatMax
Stanley Fat Head Ratchet Screwdriver Set


Pliers are super useful and having 2 to 3 that can be adjusted for different widths is very useful.


Often times certain bolts require the use of a hex wrench.  We are big fans of the 3-way hex tool and hex multi-tools. 

Purchase Park’s 3 Way Ball Head Hex Wrench 
Purchase Park Multi Hex Wrench Tool

Park Hex Wrench Tools

Hammers & Mallets

We are big fans of owning 3 different hammers including

  • Heavy Hammer (Works great on large nails)
  • Smaller Light Hammer (Great for small nails)
  • Rubber Mallet (Great for hamming in picture hanging nails)

In general the bigger a nail is, the heavier a hammer should be.  Rubber mallets and smaller hammers are perfect for hanging pictures.  

Adjustable Wrench and Ratchet Wrenches

An adjustable wrench is really helpful when you’re not exactly sure what size a fixed crescent wrench might work.  Every toolbox should have at least one adjustable wrench.  Kobolt makes a really nice set of ratchet wrenches in both metric and standard and should work for almost any household need.

Kobolt Ratchet Wrench Set

Purchase the Kobolt Adjustable Wrench Set  

Socket Set

Like a ratchet wrenches, a socket set is really useful and if nothing else can also be used to work on your car.


Levels are great if you want things LEVEL.  Stanley makes a fantastic level that has magnets and 3 bubble gages to make sure everything looks just right.

Stanley FatMax Level

Purchase the Stanley FatMax Level

Putty Knife

Let’s face it if you have kids or put up pictures you may end up with a lot of holes in your walls.  At some point you may want to fill those holes with Spackling.  A putty knife is the perfect tool in those situations.  If you find yourself wanting to update a rooms color with paint, a putty knife is pretty much a necessity. 

Extension Cord 

Having one or two electric extension cords around the house is always useful. They allow you to extend the range of whatever tool you need power for.


Every now and then you may need to cut something and having a hacksaw provides the ability to cut both plastic, metal pipes and tubing.  

Tape Measure

No home should be without a retractable, lockable tape measure.  When ever you decide to get any furniture, blinds or other space related items, you will find a tape measure indispensable and extremely useful.  Look for one that is at least 25 feet in length and if you have large rooms, you may also want to purchase a 50 foot one. 

Stud Finder

A stud finder is an electronic device used to find a wall’s stud prior to hanging a picture, shelf, or TV mount.  The stud is part of your house’s frame that is structurally useful to hold objects from.  The problem is the stud sit behind your house’s drywall making it hard to find.  A Stud Finder scans through the drywall and lets you know where the stud is.  

At some point you may want to put up shelving or some other heavy object that needs a good anchor point.  The stud finder will show you where that anchor point is and allow you to nail or drill into it for a secure anchor.   

Utility Knife

Utility Knives are essentially razor blades on a stick.  They are perfect for slicing into boxes or making precise cuts.

Step Ladder

Rather than standing on a chair which I have done many times, a step ladder is specifically designed to provide a higher reach with more security.  Certain homes depending on how they are designed will have many areas that are unreachable and having a step ladder may eliminate a reach issue.   While step ladders are more safe than standing on a chair, they still should be use with caution. 

Our favorites are ones that are 4 feet tall and made out of aluminum.   

Safety Gloves and Glasses

When ever using drills or tools where there is a chance of eye injury it is always a good idea to wear safety glasses.  Rubber safety gloves are mandatory if you are working with harsh chemicals that could cause skin irritation.  


Plungers are one of those items you wish you never have to use, but clogs do happen and a plunger is going to be your best friend to eliminate it.


A good brook is really useful for cleaning up a mess after a home improvement job.  A sweeper broom that comes with a dust pan is going to be your best option rather than a large push broom.

Tape (Duck Tape)

Duck Tape has a thousand uses and is always great to have as a last resort.  


A good flashlight with a lithium battery long life is key for being able to see in dark places, at night and when an unfortunate power outage occurs.

Tool Box or Wall Mount

Keeping all your tools organized and accessible makes doing any job much easier.  A tool box is great for keeping all your tools organized, but may not provide enough room.  We prefer a wall mounted system for tool organization.  It provides easy access to the various tools that may be needed.

Many people use Peg boards to hang their tools in their garages.